Teri Brock


– Contributing Writer for Carter International Concierge

I am a Gal with many interests.  Travel, tea and turtlenecks share the number one spot on my “Love It” list.  I may as well throw dancing on the list too.  I LOVE a good dance outing.  I have lots of ardent zeal!

Growing up family trips were the norm.  Every summer we drove from Detroit and through Niagara Falls to spend our Fourth of July holiday in Buffalo, NY.  In Buffalo, my Aunt had a spacious home that housed nearly fifteen family members.  That was always fun!  As I got older Orlando, FL became our “default vacation spot” where my family would pile into two houses right next door to one another.

Experiencing different cultures, various foods, good cocktails, and seeing the essence of various lifestyles are a few of the things that inspire me to travel. I tend to take misadventure and strange occurrences with a spoon full of sugar. Being the open minded and easygoing individual I am – I can deal with most things and I welcome the challenge.

Features: TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE – Anywhere in the US & ABROAD


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