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Sangria Spice 3 Final

Drink Ingredients:

  • 1.5 oz. Dos Reposado
  • .5 oz. of Aperol
  • .5 oz. of fresh orange juice.
  • .25 oz. of fresh lime juice.
  • .25 oz. of pickled pepper juice (may be substituted with habanero bread & butter pickles)
  • Dash of Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters.
  • Dash of House Orange Bitters.

Drink Preparation:

  • Add all of the ingredients to a shaker in the order listed above.
  • Shake all of the ingredients and double strain.
  • Serve straight up in a cocktail glass.
  • Garnish with flamed orange peel.
  • Cheers!


Stephen Lamb has worked in the industry for about 10 years in Baltimore. During those ten years he has developed an acumen of what alcohol works well and pleases the palate.  His cocktails tend toward a sweet flavor profile.

The restaurant Verde is located in Canton in Baltimore City. Verde is a casual, upscale, full-service trattoria specializing in authentic Neapolitan pizza. Verde is developing a reputation for signature cocktails, so it is worth your time and effort to visit for their food and drinks as well.

This cocktail has many ingredients and they are so well balanced that each one enhances the other. The pickled pepper juice and bitters have an interesting chemistry; first, the pepper juice leaves a little bite and then the taste of the bitters follows up. The taste of the bitters subdues the pepper juice. This cocktail is a very enjoyable cocktail for all seasons.