August 25. It’s a Monday. It’s the first day back to school. The O’s were swept by the Cubs this weekend. You probably already have plenty of reasons to have a drink, but we’re here to deliver the good news that it’s also National Whiskey Sour Day. So now you have a reason to drink whiskey. On a Monday!

Knowing life is busy we took made the sacrifice of sipping some sours around Charm City so you know where to head to quench your thirst and celebrate this important national holiday. We also took the liberty of putting them in a thoughtful order so that you could turn this into a bar crawl, whiskey lovers. We know. You’re welcome.

Wit and Wisdom

Want to look kind of classy while you throw back your whiskey? Pop in to this waterfront bar at the Four Seasons for one of the best traditional whiskey sours in town. Makers Mark, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white are shaken until frothy then garnished with a Luxardo Cherry.

Looking to liven up the classic? Check out lead bartender Aaron Joseph’s creation, the Farragut. This riff adds a maple component for a richer, heartier version than its standard counterpart.


Dedicated to showcasing its namesake in classic as well as creative cocktails, it was a fair assumption that Rye would produce a top notch Whiskey Sour and we were not disappointed. The frothy concoction, a mix of Four Roses Bourbon, freshly squeezed lemon, simple syrup and egg white, arrived in a short glass garnished also with a Luxardo Cherry. Sweet, but not ridiculously so, this is a go-to destination for a Whiskey Sour. Or a whiskey anything, really.

Birds of a Feather

Of course we’re going to Birds of a Feather, the Fell’s Point mainstay, when we want whiskey. Over 120 choices? Yes, please.

If you’re looking for a simple whiskey sour (the absolute most simple in town), then this is your place. Lemon juice meets whiskey over ice with no fancy garnish or additions in your glass at Birds of a Feather. That said, it was also the cheapest whiskey sour in our taste testing at only $4. Who needs happy hour specials?


This newcomer to Fell’s Point is working on creating a strong whiskey program so we had to test out their cocktail skills. We took our bartender Pam’s recommendation of Old Overholt rye whiskey which she then shook with ice, juice of a freshly squeezed lime and simple syrup. The cherry garnish was a house made maraschino cooked down in sugar and brandy. Smooth and balanced, this was a Whiskey Sour we could have sipped all night.

Fork and Wrench

Creative cocktails are the specialty of the this corner Canton restaurant so we sidled up to the bar for both a traditional version and a new riff. Pikesville Rye Whiskey shaken with lemon juice and egg whites was poured over ice then garnished with a cherry marinated in house with brandy, cinnamon, allspice and clove. Win.

While the standard Sour was pretty perfect, Jay Calvert was able to whip up an innovative twist that rivaled the first as our favorite with the addition of only one simple ingredient: Vermut Negre (black vermouth). With herbal notes, the vermouth rounded out the Whiskey Sour for an even smoother sip. Impressive.

While we personally tasted these, we’re pretty sure there are some other joints around town that are likely to whip up a Whiskey Sour worthy of celebration. Check out: Bartenders, Blue Pit Whiskey and BBQ, Johnny’s, and Cardinal Tavern.