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Drink Ingredients:
•1.5 oz. Bulleit Rye.
•.75 oz. of Amaretto Di Saranno cookie – infused Amaretto Lazzaroni.
•.75 oz. of house made Kumquat Cordial.
•Splash of Lemon Juice.
•A dash of Cinnamon.

Drink Preparation:
•Add the ingredients listed above to a shaker, minus the cinnamon.
•Shake vigorously.
•Add ice to Old Fashioned glass and strain.
•Top with cinnamon to your liking.
Side Note: To make Kumquat Cordial:

•Mince up several Kumquats and cook down with brown sugar, cinnamon and allspice (to taste) then combine with 100 proof vodka of your choice.
• Steep for several days to weeks and strain into container for use

Jenna R. Kumm of Blue Grass Tavern created this great cocktail, and is bar manager at Blue Grass Tavern. The star of our video is Matt Talbot. Apparently this bar likes its Bourbon and Rye. When you first look in the middle of the bar it’s filled with different Bourbons and Rye. So if you are like me and like your bourbon you will be in heaven. Don’t worry though if you are a gin or vodka person. They have plenty to choose from, and support the local ones as well. This signature cocktail is best described as a new take on the Whiskey Sour, with sweet and spicy baked notes. This is a great local bar with no bar food, just really delicious food.