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I’m a food writer, and a home cook as well, so you can assume that there are few meals that I do not get excited about. But, really, I think there is nothing like having a fantastic breakfast. Piping hot coffee, savory eggs and hash browns, sweet jam and melted salted butter on crumbly warm biscuits… if this is how I start my day, I know it’s going to be an amazing one.

While there are plenty of brunches on the weekend at restaurants around Charm City, it’s not as easy to find breakfast food during the week. However, there is one place in Fell’s Point, Blue Moon Cafe, that specializes in breakfast all day (until 3 p.m.) during the week, and 24 hours on the weekend!

So, on a recent very rainy Tuesday I was very excited when we were fortunate enough to score a table at Blue Moon Cafe. Given the popularity of this breakfast gem, it is no small feat to walk right in and be able to grab one of the adorable tables in their charming and comfortable space.

The menu offers a variety of traditional breakfast foods like eggs with meat and hash browns (the delicious grated kind that get perfectly crispy!), benedicts, omelets, french toast, and pancakes, but it is the creative twist on some of those that make it nearly impossible to not order every single one. Red Velvet Pancakes? Yes please! Eggs Benedict with crab? Sign me up!

After some serious deliberation (and finishing much of each of our first cups of coffee – which is perfectly brewed Seattle’s Best, by the way) we decided to take on several items: the sausage gravy and biscuit, one of the specials for the day called Sweet Baby Jesus (two eggs atop golden, crispy hash browns, lump crab, cheddar, and tomato, all covered with hollandaise sauce) and the signature dish for which Blue Moon Cafe has become famous, the Captain Crunch French Toast.

Additionally, to start, we attempted to order a pastry to share but due to our late arrival, and the apparent similar hunger of previous diners that day, the presumably delicious pastries were already sold out. Kudos to our top notch server for offering a biscuit on the house instead, served with the house made raspberry jam. We took her up on it, and it was nothing short of delightful.

We had far less time than expected to just hunker down with our coffee and gaze out the windows, content to be inside with the warmth and smells of sweet breakfasty goodness, instead of being stuck in what had become torrential downpours and gusty winds. This service is fast!

The Sweet Baby Jesus looked exactly like the picture featured on the Specials menu and was perfectly composed so that nearly every bite had a bit of each of the savory ingredients. There was no shortage of the delicate lump crab, and the hollandaise mixed beautifully with the egg yolk to add creamy texture to the crispiness of the hash browns.

An absolutely beautiful dish, The Captain Crunch French Toast consisted of three slices of thick golden crispy bread encrusted with the fried bits of Captain Crunch which take on a consistency similar to nuts. Fresh berries were piled on top and spilled to the plate, and everything was adorned with the most delicate and delicious fresh whipped cream I think I have ever had the fortune to have on my breakfast plate. The textures, again, were perfectly married with the super crunchy french toast meeting the smoothness of the whipped cream, while the fruit added just the right amount of acidity to complement the sweetness of the other components.

Not to be outdone, the sausage gravy was a bowl of savory, rich heaven. I think we may have dove in with just our spoons, to be honest, if it weren’t impolite to not use the biscuit as a vehicle (and a delicious vehicle, it is!). Dotted with ample amounts of large crumbled sausage pieces, the gravy itself was smooth and creamy and just the right consistency.

The entire meal experience was flawless from start to finish, including the service. Really, a consistently full cup of coffee goes a long way in the breakfast world – and this staff is able to make it happen!

It’s not hard to see why talented cook and owner Sarah Simington is opening another location of Blue Moon Cafe across town, in Federal Hill. The restaurant’s playful and funky concept is unique, the ambiance is fun and inviting, and the food is equal parts creative, satisfying, and delicious. The world would be a perfect place if every day could start at Blue Moon Cafe!

Blue Moon Cafe

1621 Aliceanna Street


Hours: Open Daily 7 – 3 p.m., Weekends 24 hours.