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Drink Ingredients:
• 3.5 oz. Ketel One Citroen Vodka.
• Splash of Pama Liqueur
• Splash of Homemade Sour Mix.
• 2 Black Berries.
• Fresh picked Thyme (3 leaves)
• A squeeze of lemon

Drink Preparation:
• Add ice to shaker.
• Add the ingredients listed above with.
• Shake the ingredients vigorously to break up blackberries.
•Pour into Martini Glass.
• Squeeze a slice of lemon into cocktail and garnish with the lemon.
• Cheers!

Cliff Harris of Tapas Adela is making the cocktail in this video. Cliff has been in many of our videos, so if you would like to see his other cocktails, you can do a search for him on the Let’s Drink On site at http://www.letsdrinkon.net.

This cocktail has a prominent citrus flavor at its base. The fresh blackberries balance the citrus giving the cocktail more depth in flavor. The Thyme gives the cocktail an aromatic quaility of freshness. Pama is the key ingredient that perfectly blends the citrus and Black Berries harmoniously to make the Black Bird a great cocktail