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Drink Ingredients:
•1.5 oz. of Bulleit Bourbon
•.5 oz. of Wild Cherry Brandy
•Pinch of Mint
•Splash of Ginger Beer

Drink Preparation:
•Add all of the ingredients listed to a shaker with ice.
•Shake vigorously to break up the mint.
•Pour into a Highball glass.
•Add a splash of Ginger Beer.

This cocktail was made by Cliff Harris in this video. Cliff has been in several of our videos, so if you would like to see some of the other Signature Cocktails with Cliff, you can do a search for him on the Let’s Drink On site, http://www.letsdrinkon.net.

This cocktail is simple to make and easy to drink. I think it is safe to say that even if you are not a Bourbon fan, you will like this cocktail but if you are a Bourbon drinker, you will definitely enjoy this cocktail. There is just enough mint and the Cherry Brandy is not over powering as it is tempered by the Ginger Beer. The Bourbon taste comes through so you Bourbon drinkers out there will not be turned off!