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Drink Ingredients:
•2 oz. of Hangar 1 Mandarin Blossom Vodka.
•.5 oz. Leroux Triple Sec.
•Splash Blood Orange Puree.

Drink Preparation:
•Add the ingredients in the order listed above to a shaker.
•Add ice to the shaker and shake.
•Using a strainer pour into a martini glass.
•Garnish with either a fresh or candied Blood Orange slice.

This signature cocktail created by Tracey Wise, at newly opened Anastasia in Fell’s Point, is crafted here by Sasha Klevytska. It is a light cocktail that is perfect to get your evening started. The Blood Orange Juice mixed with vodka and triple sec gives it a light citrusy flavor.

Sasha started bartending during graduate school and now has a Ph.D in Neuropathology. She enjoys making cocktails as a form of beverage alchemy.