It’s finally here! The culmination of the 2013 NFL season will be on later today.

The record-breaking offense of Denver faces the statistically top defense in the league of Seattle for the Super Bowl. It will be impossible for both to show their top form, as one will have to eventually be crowned the winner.

The Broncos, led by Peyton Manning, have broken nearly every offensive category during the season, including the previous record for most points scored that was held by the 2007 Patriots. They have three great weapons at wide receiver as well as a very good tight end. It has been almost impossible for any team to defend against this year.

Although, the one team who has the personnel to match up against these receivers just happens to be the opponent today. The Seahawks have had the top defensive backs the last 2-3 years, as well as amazing depth in that area as well. Their linebackers & defensive linemen aren’t too shabby either.

Very few times have fans been treated to such polar opposites in a Super Bowl, and the outcome of the game may be decided by the other squads.

The Seahawks offense plays well enough to win games. They are, however, ranked quite low in passing yards per game. Their running game (who still rushes anymore?) has been the deciding factor for many of their wins.  While Marshawn Lynch can grind 100 yard games with ease, 2nd year QB Russell Wilson can both run & throw. To catch the Broncos off guard, maybe he should start the game in an aggressive throwing gameplan and finish the fourth quarter with suffocating rushing attempts to keep Manning from attempting a comeback.

The Broncos defense has been ranked low during the year due to their pass defense, while their rush defense has been ranked very high. These are both misleading, as Denver tends to get into very large leads and the opponents are forced to pass a lot in order to get back into the game. Their pass rush is still volatile, despite the loss of Elvis Dumervil who joined the Ravens & star linebacker Von Miller missing the first 6 games and then missing a few more due to injury. Their star cornerback for many years, Champ Bailey, has taken a seat and regulated to playing in nickel & dime defenses (where there are 3 & 4 cornerbacks, respectively). His age is just about the same as Peyton’s but he plays a more physical position, so who is to say if this will or will not be his last game? He may come out giving all he’s got left.

While you’re enjoying the game (~6:40pm on FOX), make sure to take note that it’s still a game. Entertainment is just that: entertainment. The game matters the most to the people actively involved with their respective teams. To everyone else watching, whether you’re a fan of one of these teams or not, you’re able to enjoy a game without worrying about any life changing results to follow. (That is if you’re not gambling on the game, of course)

Take solace in the fact that the teams will be back in August ready to compete again and that this isn’t the end, just the interlude until the start of the next season.

Also, one of the best aspects will of course be the amusing commercials during the game. This is my favorite thus far. Enjoy the game and enjoy everything that surrounds what could be America’s most favorite unofficial holiday!


P.S. My prediction: 17-14 Seahawks.