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This Sunday, the Ravens defense will face off against Adrian Peterson and 10 other guys.  The Vikings offense has been so unremarkable for years that teams really need to game plan mainly against AP.  Then again, Peterson may have his focus shifted away this game 
after some telling remarks regarding his future…

Last time the two teams faced off, Rice actually had more rushing yards than Peterson, but, as noted in a previous blog, our kicker at the time blew a winning field goal and the Ravens took the loss.  That was also the last year the Vikings had a formidable passing offense with Brett Favre in his first season for Minnesota.

Thankfully, 2nd year kicker Justin Tucker has been nearly automatic in field goals, with 27 straight field goals made, with 4 of those from 50+ yards. Should the Ravens approach the end of this coming game down 2 points & in field goal range, they should have a way better shot at winning the game!

Minnesota seems to get very great players on defense, but not have the defense well rounded in all of its positions. For years, ever since they’ve traded for Jared Allen from the Chiefs, the Vikings have been racking up sack stats virtually every single year. What they lack this year, however, is passing defense.

The team itself has given up the 3rd most passing yards in the league and leads the league in passing touchdowns allowed!  Let’s hope that this stays the same and Flacco has a career day in yards & touchdowns.

Please come back to us...
Please come back to us…

This is another game that I, as well as many other fans, will be crossing our fingers, in hopes of seeing Dennis Pitta back on the field. No matter what, having an additional play-making receiver available is a vast improvement for an offense.

While Pitta has been out this year and Boldin is still with the 49ers, Torrey Smith has emerged with his best season yet! He’s already had career highs in receptions and receiving yards, and appears poised to set a new Ravens record for receiving yards in a season. With him, Jacoby Jones, and rookie Marlon Brown out there catching passes, the offense has great potency for years to come.

Vikings' Coach Wouldn't Dare Try...

Vikings’ Coach Wouldn’t Dare Try…

The Vikings made some changes with their wide receivers but left the quarterback situation alone during the offseason, and have been paying the penalty. They decided to give Christian Ponder one last shot as the starting QB, and that ship has sailed. During this season, they traded for formerly starting Josh Freeman & signed former starter Matt Cassel, and neither of these moves panned out. Since this upcoming draft is supposed to have a lot of good QB talent, they should set their sights on 2014.

However, it’s still 2013 and the game will still have to be played, so the Ravens will still have to face off against the Minnesota Adrian Petersons (feat. Jared Allen). There’s a change to normalcy this time around, as while it is at 1:00pm on Sunday, the game will be played on FOX.

Make sure to remember the small change, enjoy the game and, as always, go Ravens.


PS: DS= Daryl Smith, HN= Haloti Ngata

Photos credit to Baltimore Ravens on Facebook