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Drink Ingredients:
•2.5 oz. of Titos Infused Vodka.
•.5 oz. of Simple Syrup.

Drink Preparation:
•Add the ingredients listed above to shaker with ice.
•Shake and strain into Martini Glass.

Side Note: To make the infused vodka.
•Infuse vodka with roasted pumpkin and fresh vanilla beans for five days.
•To make roasted pumpkin take off skin of pumpkin, take of the seeds and stringy guts.
•Cut up pumpkin in .75 pieces and roast for 45 minutes at 275 degrees.
•To make this particular Simple Syrup use equal parts water and sugar with fresh cinnamon sticks, crushed fresh nutmeg, dash of maple syrup and honey.

Stephanie Greenhalgh is our creator of this delicious cocktail. Stephanie is a relatively new addition to Admiral’s Cup and as far as I am concerned, one of their best decisions. Stephanie loves what she does, is always entertaining and like our other bartenders likes to play with alcohol. So stop in Admiral’s Cup to have Stephanie take care of you.

This cocktail is definitely a fall cocktail. The flavor reminds you of the warmth of the holidays. While making you feel thankful, that you can drink this to be able to deal with your in-laws.

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