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Drink Ingredients:
•1.5 oz. of Bulleit Rye Whiskey.
•1 splash of Vieux Absinthe.
•3 splashes of Peychaud’s Bitters.
•.25 oz. of Simple Syrup.

Drink Preparation:
•Either a Martini Glass or Old Fashioned Glass, your choice fill with ice to chill.
•Add ingredients as listed to shaker with ice.
•Empty ice from glass.
•Strain into glass.
•Twist lemon slice, run lemon slice around rim of glass.
•Garnish with Lemon slice.

The “Sazerac” is the oldest known American cocktail, with its origins from pre-civil war New Orleans. The name stems from the Cognac used there during that time. The modern version uses Rye Whiskey as the prime ingredient with subtle accents and notes from both the absinthe and bitters.
Cliff Harris of Tapas Adela is in this video. Cliff is the head bartender of Tapas Adela. Tapas Adela is located in Fells Point of Baltimore, MD. Tapas Adela has a number of Signature Cocktails and Classics. The “Sazerac” is one of the favorites for Tapas Adela to serve.

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