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Let’s be honest. Street food has never been a real “thing” in the U.S. until more recently. Sure, there have been hot dog carts and pretzel vendors, and certainly all of those crafty folk hawking peanuts and bottled water outside of ballparks for ages. But real quality street food has not been a trend until the last few years.

By street food, I mean, of course, food that is easily portable. In the last several years, food trucks have been all the rage in Baltimore, and rightfully so. The amazing cuisine that comes out of these trucks in Baltimore is often, quite frankly, to die for. A couple of crab tacos from the Gypsy Queen will make your entire day. Literally, you may swoon and refuse to return to work. And the deliciousness produced from the likes of Kommie Pig (think BBQ, hearty sides like mac and cheese) or the Chowhound (an outtake from Kooper’s, who produces some of the best burgers in Baltimore) makes anyone question why the street food scene didn’t evolve sooner here in Baltimore. You can even get cupcakes from a food truck now, most notably IcedGems. What could possibly make your day better than running across a random vendor of one of life’s most delicious small-packaged treats, such as the cupcake?

While the food truck scene is absolutely incredible in Baltimore now (Yes, we’ve actually beaten out DC in a competition!), it should be not only a food street choice of itself, but an entranceway (gateway food?) into other means of enjoying food on the go. I’m not advocating that everyone should be in such a rush as to need to eat their food in a frenzy, not sitting down, and running to the next job/meeting/daycare pickup. Instead, I think the idea of enjoying decadent cuisine while meandering around a quaint neighborhood, or chatting with friends and locals, has some appeal.

Enter: Sofi’s Crepes in Fell’s Point.

Now, truth be told, if you want to sit down, Sofi’s has tables and a cute, well-decorated little joint in which to enjoy them. However, Sofi’s does a wonderful job of wrapping your crepe just so, ensuring that you can enjoy strolling around the cobblestoned streets, taking in the sights, while enjoying your crepe. You could truly pretend to be Parisian, if you chose.

Located just down a little walkway off Thames St. on the western side of Broadway, Sofi’s is tucked away. Thankfully, they have thoughtful signage to point you to their exact location.

Sofi’s offers a variety of crepe options that are already worked out for you, both savory and sweet. At the Fell’s Point location, they list that breakfast crepes are available all day. These might include staples like sausage, egg and cheese, or something fruity and sweet like blueberries and maple syrup. Meanwhile, their savory crepes really hit a homerun with anything from a traditional Crepe Florentine to a Crepe Reuben (corned beef, sauerkraut, gruyere and 1000 island dressing) to Shredded Pork and Cheddar Cheese. Their crepes run the gamut from traditional Paris-style deliciousness to Baltimore-style indulgence during which all you can utter is nom-nom-nom. And if you can’t find a combination on their menu that you love, they also list a variety of ingredient options to make your own crepe.

After Sofi’s is finished making your crepe, you can feel free to sit down and nosh there, or you can walk around and take in the sights. I recommend the latter. Why not take the time to savor Sofi’s concoction while you take in the sights and sounds of this prior port town? Street food exists for a reason: to allow you to explore all of your senses. Enjoy your beautifully crafted crepe while you stroll the cobblestoned paved streets of the quaint waterfront treasure that is Fell’s Point.

While I visited the Fell’s Point location, you can also find Sofi’s at Belvedere Square and in Annapolis, Owings Mills, and Severna Park. Also, their flagship location is adjacent to the Charles Theatre where I’ve heard you can actually take the crepes into the theatre with you. I must say, I’d far prefer a well prepared crepe over oil-buttered popcorn or Jujubes at a movie any day of the week!