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The sun was setting and the rays made the shiny water surface ripples sparkle.  I looked across the Inner Harbor at the iconic pink fluorescent Domino Sugar sign and it made me smile…or maybe it was because I had a nice dinner companion.

We were sitting outside on Waterfront Kitchen’s deck watching the joggers pass by below near the edge of the pier. I have run past this restaurant a ton of times, but on this particular evening I was relaxing and sipping on a Summer Colada. Waterfront Kitchen takes pride in their infused liquors. My refreshing cocktail was not as sweet as your normal pina colada.  It was made out of young coconut and fresh pineapple infused rum and coconut milk, served on the rocks.

Dinner was fabulous. I tried the Springfield Farm roasted half chicken with fresh herbs, roasted cauliflower and gooseberry gastrique. It was quite delightful. There is nothing like flavorful organic chicken.

Waterfront - Organic Chicken

The Truffle-Saffron Risotto was also delicious and served with carrots, fennel, black truffle and Firefly Farms chevre goat cheese mousse.

Waterfront - Risotto

It was a weekday and there were only a couple of other tables sitting outside on the deck with us. It wasn’t too busy and the staff was excellent. It was as if we had our own private service.

I had a very sweet time and I’m quite fond of the place, especially because I’m still dating the same guy that took me there for that first Waterfront Kitchen experience. I’m going to try to hit up their happy hour next time (Tuesdays through Fridays from 4 to 6 pm at the bar or on deck). I’m sure that’s a sociable crowd. I hear their brunch is pretty good too.

1417 Thames Street, Baltimore MD 21231, 443-681-5310