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Sitting at a little metal cafe table on the sidewalk reminds me of being in Europe. The air is comfortable but the late afternoon sun isn’t hot. I’m not looking at the Eiffel Tower, but instead at the back of a huge billboard sign with a million little birds lined up in sporadic rows. They are chirping and it’s as if there is music playing over them but I realize that there is no music, it’s just their beautiful sound.

Tapas Teatro is worth the wait and you should go when they first open because they don’t take reservations. Smaller groups are best because it’s a little place and what makes it so special. You can always grab a drink at the bar while you’re waiting on your table. I also discovered that there is a direct door to the Charles Theatre next door! You can take a drink “to go” to the movies (what!) or wait in their lobby with a cocktail when the restaurant is busy.

Like any other place, you have to know what to order. Their menu can change but we enjoyed what they had on this particular evening. The great thing about tapas and the small sizes is that you can try several more dishes than normal. The waiter reminded us that only so much could fit on the table, so we ordered a few at a time. Our order included:

photo– Pulpo Y Patatas: Baby octopus, soft potato, pimiento d’ espelette (Tender and so good)

photo_3– Chorizo sausage: (Came in a little black skillet in oil that you can dip your bread into…my top fav along with the baby octopus/potato dish)

photo_1– Tortilla Espanola: Spain’s version of a “frittata” (Deliciously simple, served cold)

photo_2– Costillas De Res: Crosscut beef ribs with chimichurri (Cut like Korean kalbi, good with the chunky chimichurri)

– Cardamom vanilla bean ice cream with mango, figs and dates: (Yes, all of that. Don’t inhale when you take a bite because you might get too much cardamom power at once, but I absolutely loved it and didn’t even need the fruit to be fabulous)

Watch the passerbyers, enjoy good conversation, peer at what your neighbors have ordered, watch the birds fly to and from the billboard and relax at your cafe table by a big flower-pot with a cocktail in hand. Ahhhh. Soak this Baltimore evening up.