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Drink Ingredients:

•1.5 oz. of Oat infused Scotch.
•.75 oz. of Averna.
•.5 oz. of Apple Cider.
•.25 oz. of Muscadine Gastrique.
•1 Bar spoon of Lemon Juice.
•2 Dashes of Sassafras Tincture.

Drink Preparation:
•Add ice to cocktail glass and set aside to chill.
•Add all of the ingredients to a shaker with ice in the order listed above.
•Shake the cocktail and empty ice from the cocktail glass.
•Double Strain in the cocktail glass.
•Garnish with a dried Apple chip.

Side Notes: How to make Sassafras Tincture:
•Heat Sassafras in a pan set over high heat until slightly smoking. Let cool before handling.
•Put Sassafras into a spice bag.
•Steep the Sassafras 16 oz. jar with 500 ml. of grain alcohol, vodka or other high – proof neutral spirit for 7-14 days.
•Remove the Sassafras from the tincture and discard. Stored in a cool environment, the tincture can keep for several months.

How to make Oat infused Scotch:
•Add about 3/4 cup of rolled oats to about a 750ml amount of blended scotch.
•At least 3 days of infusion is recommended.

This cocktail is one of Mr. Rain’s Fun House’s many Signature Cocktails. They have several of their cocktails on here, so be sure to check out those other cocktails. Megan Deschaine the head bartender at Mr. Rain’s Fun House is making the cocktail for us. If you are in Baltimore stop in to have Megan make you a cocktail. You will enjoy your cocktail and her company.

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