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Drink Ingredients:

•3 oz. of Kettle One.
•1 oz. of Lychee Liqueur.
•Splash of fresh Cranberry Juice.
•Splash of Homemade Sour (freshly squeezed lemon with simple syrup).

Drink Preparation:
•Add ice to a cocktail glass and set aside.
•Add the ingredients to cocktail shaker with ice in order listed above.
•Shake vigorously.
•Empty ice from cocktail glass.
•Strain into cocktail glass.
•Garnish with a fresh Rose Petal.

Side Note: To make Simple Syrup.
Simple Syrup Ingredients:
Equal Parts sugar to water.
I.E. 1 cup of hot (almost boiling) water to 1 cup of sugar.
To add flavor simply add desired spice, extract juice etc. in small portions until it reaches desired flavor.
For this recipe: 8 oz. of water; 8 oz. of sugar.

This cocktail is from Tapas Adela located in Fells Point of Baltimore, MD.  Cliff Harris is making this cocktail for us in this video. Tapas Adela has a many Signature Cocktails, however also has many of the classics as well for those less adventurous.   So be sure to step in to Tapas Adela for their delicious food and for one of their many great tasting cocktails.
The “Lychee” is a floral, aromatic and smooth tasting martini that caters to the palate of the woman.

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