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Drink Ingredients:

•2 oz. Strawberry and Bell Pepper infused Tequila.
•1 oz. Cointreau.
•1 oz. Lime Juice.
•.5 oz. Agave Syrup.
•2 muddled Strawberries and 1/2 muddled Bell Pepper.

Drink Preparation:
•Muddle Strawberries and Bell Peppers.
•Then add all of the above ingredients to a shaker.
•Shake and strain onto ice in Old Fashioned Glass.
•Garnish with a Strawberry and Green Pepper.

Side Note: How to make Strawberry and Bell Pepper infused Tequila.
•.25 pound of Strawberries.
•2 Bell Peppers.
•1.5 litres of Tequila.
•Let it sit for 24 hours.

This cocktail is created by Tasha Brecht from Waterfront Kitchen.  Tasha has done several cocktails for us now.

Tasha is the head bartender at Waterfront Kitchen and you will find most of their cocktails are created by her.  You will never get a bad cocktail from Tasha.  So stop in Waterfront Kitchen and have Tasha make you one of her cocktails.

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