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Drink Ingredients:

•2 oz. of Bar Hill Gin.
•1 oz. King’s Ginger Liqueur.
•3/4 oz. of Honey.
•3/4 oz. of Fresh Lemon Juice.

Drink Preparations:
•Add all ingredients as listed above to a shaker with ice.
•Shake vigorously.
•Strain in cocktail glass.
•Express lemon twist and run around rim of glass.

Some of you may recognize Tasha Brecht. She used to be at The Willow in Fells Point. But Waterfront Kitchen has been fortunate enough to obtain her knowledge. Most of their cocktails on their present menu are of her creation. So if you get the chance stop in Waterfront Kitchen, and check out their cocktail menu. You can also see some of her other cocktails on our site, just by typing Tasha.

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