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Drink Ingredients:

•.5 oz. of Jalapeno Tequila.
•.5 oz. of Aperol.
•.5 oz. of Yellow Chartreuse.
•.5 oz. Tarragon Simple Syrup.
•.5 oz. of Lemon Juice.
• 2 muddled Strawberries.

Drink Preparations:
•Muddle the Strawberries using a muddler.
•Add ingredients in order listed above to a shaker.
•Shake vigorously.
•Strain and pour over fresh ice in a rocks glass.
•Express a lemon twist.

Side Notes:

1) Simple Syrups – are really quite simple (pun intended)
•Equal parts sugar to water. 1 cup of hot (almost boiling) water to 1 cup of sugar.
To add flavor simply add desired spice, extract juice etc. in small portions until it reaches desired flavor.
For this recipe: 8 oz. of water; 8 oz. of sugar and 1 teaspoon of Tarragon.

2) Express means to release the oils from a fruit peel.
•To do this slice a small peel from desired fruit.
•Twist over the glass, peel side down to express the citrus oil onto the surface of the drink.
•Rub the peel around the rim of the glass to provide extra flavor.

Justin Carr of The Willow in Fells Point created “Segundo Dia”, Justin is a new addition to The Willow from Wit and Wisdom of Four Seasons. We shall see plenty of Justin in the future.

This Signature Cocktail is quite unique especially not being a tequila person. I really enjoyed this cocktail, I found that after each sip the fruit in the cocktail made their presence more noticeable. This really worked well with the Jalapeno Tequila. The amount of Jalapeno Tequila is just enough to give the cocktail a pleasant kick.

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