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Drink Ingredients:

•2- 3 teaspoons of sugar.
•A double shot (3 oz.) of Stoli Razberi.
•1/2 oz. of Grenadine.
•5-6 lemon Wedges squeezed.
•Top off with water.

Drink Preparation:
•In a highball glass add the sugar to your desire of sweetness, with the Stoli and Grenadine.
•Squeeze 5-6 Lemon wedges into the mixture and top off with water.
•Shake well to dissolve the sugar.
•Add Lemon wedge to garnish

This great summer cocktail from Supano’s Steakhouse in Baltimore,MD was created by Kelly Virata. It is a thirst quencher for those hot and humid Baltimore summer days. It does taste like lemonade. Kelly has been at Supano’s for awhile now. A great addition to Supano’s she likes to make her own cocktails and if you are not familiar with her, try her Layered Sangria!

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A little side note … If you have not been to Supano’s and you are coming to Baltimore. Supano’s is a place to visit. Terry the owner is almost always there. He can usually be found downstairs in the sports bar. Really nice sports bar. The first bar, is the Sinatra Bar. Plenty of pictures of The Rat Pack and karaoke. Plus, very good food.