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Recent events have most of MD sports fans feeling quite anxious.

  • The Orioles still haven’t begun their regular season yet so there remains a lack of a major sport being played here.
  • The Terps must win tonight (7pm) against Duke if they want to continue having a slight chance in getting to the NCAA tournament.
  • Also, can’t forget all of the players the Ravens have just lost this offseason, and it’s only March!

I want to turn the attention to the Terps first.  They are in an impossible position right now, even more so than the sports media had thought of the Ravens beating the Broncos.  Not only do the Terps have to beat Duke (never an easy task), they have to beat Duke with Ryan Kelly starting.

This guy Kelly, when he starts for Duke this year, has the team at an unbeaten 18-0 record.  Duke is 9-4 without him however, and that accounts for all of Duke’s losses.  Of course, you can tell that our awesome victory over Duke last month was helped by Kelly not playing.

Also, if somehow the Terrapins manage to get by Duke, they’ll still have to run the table on the ACC tournament and get to the deciding game.  This still might not be enough for the Terps to go onto the NCAA tournament.  If not, they may play in the NIT (which is basically a similar tournament, but for teams less deserving than the 64 selected).

I sincerely hope they give it their all tonight.

[[SATURDAY UPDATE! The Terps beat Duke last night 83-74!!]]

As for the Ravens’ departures: we’ll live.

I’m starting to hear grumblings as I’m sure you all have too.

“This is all because we gave Flacco all of that money!” (He will only count as $6.8 million against the Raven’s cap this year, which still gives them plenty of space.  Not to mention, his salary figure won’t be too large until his fourth year, but by then the Ravens would already be restructuring the contract.)

“We lost too many people, how are we gonna win next year?!” (This happens to the Ravens almost every season.  We lost two great players in Ben Grubbs and Jarret Johnson last year and everyone thought we’d take a step back.  Every year the Ravens have been predicted to not return to the playoffs.)

Our defense last year was terrible!  We hadn’t seen such shoddy defensive play since the 2002 season, which happened after the Ravens had to release a ton of veterans.  So, this offseason the Ravens happen to lose mainly defensive players to free agency…

Do you see?  We can’t be getting too bad if the major problem on our team last year is changing.  Change is an inevitable part of life.  This draft, Ozzie will end up picking some fantastic starters, some great role players, and solid depth positions.  Before and after the draft, expect a good veteran or two to come to the Ravens.

Also, from reports on sports sites this morning, Ed Reed had left Houston with out a deal yet.  He may return to Baltimore after all and finish his career solely as a Raven.

Don’t lose hope.


[ANOTHER UPDATE! Last night, the Ravens signed former Cowboys DE Marcus Spears to a two year deal.]