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It’s now early February and I think its necessary to dub this time period the “awkward time of the year.”



February is a kind of cut off point where you stop saying “Happy New Year” to people you have not said to yet.  However, Chinese New Year is around the corner…

There are two holidays in the first half of the month, which are Groundhog Day & Valentine’s Day.  Both can involve nervous anticipation and not feeling totally satisfied with the end result.  And for the truly cynical, the end result, even if positive, could not be worth anything in a few weeks.

There are other little things that can be awkward as well, such as indication of spring starting next month combined with our recent history of snowfalls in February.

However, with Baltimore at least, one of the more awkward times is the week following the Super Bowl.  At this point, many big football fans have a week in which they slowly start to follow other sports venues again.  For example, even though I get alerts every time the Terps finish a game, only today did I realize they currently have a 17-6 record overall (only 5-5 against the ACC, which therefore has them relatively in the middle of the division).

The Orioles still have almost 2 months before their regular season begins.  Thanks to the O’s playoff season last year, they’ve contributed in making the AL East look once again as the top division in the MLB.

Right now, however, MLB is still in its offseason news cycle, where signings, trades, cuts, and even scandals (see: A-Rod & PED) make up the majority of articles.  The NFL will move into a similar news format now that all of the post Super Bowl articles have been written.  I know that I’ll personally check in with NFL news often for the first month before I try letting it go and stay current on MLB and NBA news.

In the NBA, news continues to follow the LA Lakers, who continue to deal with articles bashing injured players and they are currently 10th in their conference (not qualifying playoffs).  While the Wizards are just 13-35, good for 14th in the 15 team Eastern Conference.  Although the All Star Break is approaching which marks the mid-point in the season, so there is always time for teams to either make up ground or fall apart in the second half.

On Sunday, the Terps took on UVA and hopefully improve on their ACC record.  They’re entering the final month before the start of March Madness, possibly the most exciting annual postseason format following the NFL’s.

Go Terps and congratulations to the Ravens on their 2nd Super Bowl in its 17 year history!