I typically write about signature cocktails. But today, I had to write this. While we are celebrating Christmas or Hannukah and New Years. Remember when you open your gifts and you don’t get the gift that you wanted because your spouse couldn’t afford it. Then you can’t go to that fancy New Years Eve Party for whatever reason. Remember that there is a 3 month old baby whose father killed her mother and committed suicide. There are 18 families who lost there very young children today, eleven days before Christmas. Then there are the children who witnessed this tragedy and will never be able to erase watching their friends being executed. 

As I write this, I think of my two children in their schools and wonder how safe are they. I know the schools try, when I go to visit my children, I have to get buzzed in and sign in, then wear a visitor badge with my name on it. Then I remember, the call I got two weeks ago that there was a lock down at my 9 year old son’s school, because there was a stranger on campus. I too live an area where neighbors know everyone. 

I remember when I graduated from high school almost 30 years ago. At my school the doors were never locked parents and visitors could walk in at any time. Heck, we never even locked the back door to our home. I think about all of this and I wonder what happened to “Joy to the World”

So remember these families as you sit around with yours, maybe stop for a minute look at your children or grandchildren and just smile. 

Happy Holidays