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EAT. PLAY. LIVE.  Enjoy Life! Every week we will present a Classic Cocktail or Signature Drink for you to try from our Local Restaurants, Bars, Wine Bars and More presented by our local drinks expert Stuart Egerton!

If you like your Bloody Mary with some spice to it. This will do it.  If you like Shrimp Cocktail, you will also enjoy this drink.  A good spicy Bloody Mary to start off your Sunday with while preparing to watch your favorite football team.

The Water Street Tavern is a great blend of your nice restaurant with beautiful wood work.

The other half of the tavern has a Jimmy Buffett feel to it.  Located right in the heart of Baltimore, MD.

Our lovely bartender here is Catherine Schroeder. Learn more about this drink and our 78 other Signature Cocktails.

Drink Ingredients:
Ingredients for Bloody Mary mix:
  • Tomato Sauce.
  • Pureed Celery.
  • Pureed Green Peppers.
  • Pureed Onion.
  • Pureed Jalapeno.
  • Horseradish.
  • Old Bay.
  • Worcestershire Sauce.
  • Red Flake Pepper.
Drink Ingredients:
  • 2 oz. of Premium Vodka.
  • Bloody Mary Mix.
Drink Preparation:
  • Garnish glass with Old Bay.
  • Fill glass with ice.
  • Add the vodka mixed with the Bloody Mary Mix.
  • Spear 1 olive, 2 pickle chips, 1 slice of Green Pepper, 2 slices of Jalepeno, 1 Celery Stalk and 1 thick slice of Applewood Smoked bacon. Place spear into Bloody Mary. 
  • Add 2 pieces of Shrimp Cocktail on side of the glass.