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If there was any time for the Ravens’ offense to come out swinging and scare opposing defenses again, it’s this Sunday versus the Oakland Raiders.




Baltimore Ravens logo from 1996-1998

Baltimore Ravens logo from 1996-1998 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last week against the Raiders, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a rookie running back rush for about 250 yards & 4 touchdowns.  Not only this, but the Raiders were crippled in their running attack and currently have their first & second string running backs out for Sunday.


For any season, when your team has an effective rushing attack and stout rushing defense, your team easily controls the time of possession.


Time of possession has not been in the Ravens’ favor the last 3 games, including only 20 of 60 total minutes in both the Texans & Cowboys games.


Last week, I was happy with the way the Ravens started out the game, seeing that they called multiple rushes and had Flacco effectively throw play-action passes which led to an early 14-0 lead.


However, the Ravens then went flat for almost the whole remainder of the game until the last half of the 4th quarter.  The Ravens had gotten off lucky with that slip up against the Browns.  I hope they studied their game tape and saw which is more effective in road games.


(Also, how historically they win so many games when Rice has at least 20 carries)


Now they face a Raiders team that is weak on both offense and defense.  Quarterback Carson Palmer has seen better days against the Ravens, namely when he still played for the Bengals.  However, time heals all wounds and the trade for Palmer last year has had quite the opposite effect for the Raiders’ playoff hopes.


Also, good ol’ Ray Lewis appears to have rejoined the Ravens again (not exactly to play however).  The last couple weeks that I’ve been clamoring for him to be involved with the defensive coordinator, I hadn’t realized he was still recovering from injury and surgery.  For that I am truly sorry.


This Sunday is a home game for our team, so as you can see from the previous lines of text, this is shaping up to be a blowout game for the Ravens.


It may not happen and we could get another close, yet exciting, game, but if we do, then the Ravens need to patch up the defense immediately.  This is a major turning point for the season, as this game is also the start of the second half of the season.


The Ravens have 8 games remaining and a 6-2 start is great.  They just need to not let winnable games slip through their NFL Logo Team Specified Custom gloves. (Or their fingers, if some players don’t wear gloves during the game)  Just remember that a 10-6 record is nothing to sneeze at, but it may not be enough for a playoffs trip.  The Ravens should absolutely find their stride quickly and carry a massive winning momentum into the playoffs!


In other news, the Maryland Terrapins (Basketball) will play their first game of the year tonight (8:30pm on ESPN) against the #3 ranked Kentucky Wildcats.


Projections of the Terps’ season have been up and down during their break.  Now, following the news of Dez Wells being allowed to play for the Terps, MD has its immediate future looking up.


They will be facing the recent NCAA champions who lost their top 6 starters from last year.  This may bode well for the Terps, who have a coach that is “more comfortable” in his second season in the ACC.


Oh yeah, and the O’s may sign slugger Josh Hamilton, which would be a huge addition for our offense.


Think happy thoughts, everyone.