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Speaking to the media during the time in between the loss at Houston and the upcoming game this Sunday against the Browns (1:00pm CBS), Joe Flacco had been talking about not necessarily giving up on the No-Huddle approach, but maybe lessening its use on the road.


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I could not agree more myself.  The Ravens’ offense has been just terrible on the road, with its three worst outputs in the three road games (a 1-2 record, the only win was 9-6 against the Chiefs).  As they head on the road as visitors, the opposing crowd will try to make as much noise as possible to disrupt any audibles given in the no-huddle style offense.

Now the Ravens travel to Cleveland to take on the Browns.  History is on the Ravens side, as they are 9-0 against the Browns under John Harbaugh.  The last time we faced the Browns, they had not won a game yet.  At the moment, they are 2-6 after they have won 2 of their previous 3 games, including last week’s game.  This may mean pressure is off on the Browns who may be content with the wins they have received if they don’t believe they’re going to the playoffs but also would not like the worst record in the NFL.  Or, this may have the opposite effect and they would like to use this momentum to try to finish with a winning record and possibly a playoff berth, considering how weak the AFC has been so far this year.

Either way, there is no reason at all the Ravens should play flat on Sunday.  This is their make up game, their revenge game, their “proving experts wrong” game, and also, their “reclaim of being road warriors” game.

Except for last season and this current one, the Ravens have been quite good on the road, especially in the playoffs.  That distinction was exemplified three seasons ago when they knocked off the Patriots in the postseason. At that point, the Patriots hadn’t lost at home in the playoffs since the 70s.  That moment might have been the peak for the Ravens on the road, since they went 5-3 on the road the following season and then in 2011 they went 4-4, which accounted for their only 4 losses that whole season. (plus their only loss in the postseason was also on the road)

Now timing couldn’t be more perfect for the Ravens to bounce back with a winning streak, seeing as they face the Browns on Sunday, the Raiders the following week, and the Steelers after that.  Since the Ravens are going to play two teams with abysmal seasons and the third that the Ravens normally beat at least once a season, this could be the start of an upcoming 8-2 record!

Of course, there is no need for pessimism if we lose any of the upcoming 3 games, as the Ravens did win the Super Bowl the same year they went from 5-1 to a 5-4 record at a point.

Keep your spirits up, my fellow Ravens fans, as the team still has 9 games remaining and a lot of time re-establish themselves as one of the top-tier teams in the NFL!