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Quite possibly the toughest game on schedule for the Ravens for the rest of the season is the one against the Texans this Sunday. (1 pm on CBS)

Not only are the Ravens entering the game with nagging injuries and defensive problems, they’re facing the only other team in the AFC with a 5-1 record and a record above .500.  This game is for both bragging rights and possible seeding tie breakers for the postseason.  The best things the Ravens have going for them are that Suggs may play and the bye week follows after this game.

In many articles that have been written this week involving the upcoming week 7 of the NFL, plenty are stating facts and opinions on the Ravens being down two very important defenders in Ladarius Webb & Ray Lewis.

Unfortunately, a majority are saying how the former’s loss will have a substantial impact more so than the latter.  They say that week 6’s win versus the Cowboys was likely Lewis’ last game and that he wasn’t helping the defense much anyway.

Like I mentioned in the last blog post, Lewis’ football knowledge can greatly help out Dean Pees’ play calls for the defense.  I know Ray will be at the game, he goes to each game whether he’s healthy or not.  I know that the cameras will pan over to the sideline to see a focused Ray Lewis intently following the action.

Also, everyone knows Ray Lewis’ intensity, passion, and knowledge resonates throughout the entire defense.  So let’s hope someone like Harbaugh or Ozzie Newsome get Ray involved in the play calling for the defense.

ray lewis pre game

ray lewis pre game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have the greatest defensive mind here that can become the greatest Defensive Coordinator, while at the same time is without a doubt bound for election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, linebackers in the history of the NFL!

For the next couple of decades, when big time linebacker prospects come out of college, there will be less talk of, “could he be the next Lawrence Taylor or Dick Butkis,” and more of, “is he the next Ray Lewis?”  Although, we can’t fault draft Scouters if they don’t make comparisons to #52, as there will never be an equal.

Without him in the lineup won’t unravel our team, however, as this year has been Joe Flacco’s year.  Our games this year have had to lean on the offense much more than in years past.  Flacco’s style of no-huddle has drawn Peyton Manning-like comparisons, which is interesting as Jim Caldwell is the Ravens’ QB Coach and worked with Manning as well for years.  Plus, the games now are much closer and have been mainly “shoot outs” as sports writers like to call high scoring & close football games.  It’s extremely likely one would want to watch a 31-30 game rather than a 48-3 or 9-6 game.

Also, to change topics, there is still a baseball postseason going on.

I know, I forgot too.  Last night, the Yankees were swept in 4 games by the Tigers.  Also, the St. Louis Cardinals had beaten the San Francisco Giants for a 3-1 lead in the NLCS.  (I thought its necessary to include their cities, although the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants don’t face off in the regular season this year)  For family roots, I’m personally rooting for either the Cardinals or the Tigers in the World Series.

I do believe basketball season is starting next month as well.  Right now the NBA is in its preseason, which doesn’t mean much for analysis as opposed to the NFL preseason, but the NBA players are still preparing themselves for the upcoming 81 game season.  Hockey is still in the midst of a lockout, their 2nd in recent years.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and the game on Sunday, as well as any other sports games on the schedule this weekend.  Since I’m not in the D.C. area, I don’t feel obligated to become a follower of the Washington Wizards, but I’ll try to include them on here as they’re the closest team.

Until next time, let’s go Ravens!