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  • 2 oz. Old Tom Gin (Ransom)
  • 1 oz. of Sweet Vermouth (Carpano)
  • 1 Dash of Orange Bitters (Gin Barrel Aged) Fee Brothers is a good brand
  • Bar spoon of Luxardo Maraschino (bar spoon is equivalent to a conventional teaspoon) so you do not need to run out and get a bar spoon. However, it is a nice addition to your wet bar.
  • Flavored Orange Twist.


  • Add the 2 oz. of Old Tom Gin in a mixing glass.
  • Add the 1 oz. of Sweet Vermouth to the mixing glass.
  • Add the of Orange Bitters to the mixing glass.
  • Add the bar spoon of Maraschino.
  • Add cup of ice to mixing glass then use bar spoon to stir ingredients.
  • Strain into Martini glass.
  • Carefully!! use a match to release the oils of the Orange twist.
  • Take Orange twist run around edge of glass and then add to drink.

Please do not burn off your eye brows.

Now about this place, this is not a coat and tie place. This a corner bar, that prides itself on making incredible drinks. The owner studies the art of mixology. If you are looking for a place to kick back, have incredible drinks and talk to the owner. This is the place. If you ask him the right questions, he will tell you why certain alcohol fits best with certain drinks.