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Relax a bit and decide for yourself.

The Baltimore Ravens are facing the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday 1 pm (FOX).  Our team hasn’t played the Cowboys since 2008, which happened to be in the Ravens favor 33-24, owing to long 70+ yard TD runs.  This time, the Cowboys will play at our stadium.

Now having five wins doesn’t sound like much, but consider the only other team in the AFC (Houston) not only has five wins already, but is one of the two remaining undefeated teams (Atlanta the other).  Next, consider who else has four wins at this point.  That’s right, the Ravens stand alone in that regard in the AFC (the NFC however has 4 teams at 4-1).  Another win can seperate themselves more so, especially in the AFC North where Steelers just lost on Thursday night and the Bengals lost last Sunday.

The only other time the Ravens started at 5-1 was the season they won the Super Bowl!  Feel free to check for yourself.  The same year that the Ravens won the Super Bowl they finished at a 12-4 record, which is the same record the Ravens have finished with the previous two seasons.  Timing seems right for the Ravens to finish the season the best way possible and give Ray Lewis an appropriate farewell gift should he retire afterwards.

Now here comes the Cowboys, who enter following an embarrassing loss to the Bears two weeks ago and a bye last week.  Apparently Tony Romo has a 4-2 record for games following a bye week, yet has lost the last 2.  Now, he’s arriving in a stadium that hasn’t lost at home for almost 2 years, including a perfect 8-0 last year and 3-0 so far this year.

He enters an arena where flashes of purple & black, distracting cheerleaders, booming marching band music, and ominous chants of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” (I thank my sister for pointing out the song name) all combine into a perfect 12th man for the Ravens’ defense.

The last time these two met was for the last home game in Dallas’ previous stadium.  In that game, the Ravens ran all over the Cowboys, back when they had the Hydra-like (or maybe Cerberus) pairing of Willis McGahee, LeRon McClain, and Ray Rice, two of whom had very long TD runs that directly followed Cowboys TD drives.  Of course, this was back when Flacco, Rice, and even Harbaugh were rookies at their positions.  Now, four years later and our guys have gotten more proficient while the Cowboys have missed the playoffs the last two seasons.

I’m not mentioning the Orioles much, despite this HUGE game against the Yankees, because you may read this after the results are known.  I’m hoping by that time, the Orioles have pulled out a victory and will be already preparing to head to Detroit to take on the Tigers in the ALCS.

If not, this still has been an amazing season for the O’s!  Before the season started, my best-case scenario I was rooting for was a 81-81 record, never guessing that they would be in a game 5 situation against the Yankees of all teams!

Let’s go O’s & let’s go Ravens!