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 Cue air guitar playing a la Wayne’s World

Here it is, the start of the post season and the start of intense trash talk.  Checking Twitter last night, “#Yankees” was trending high around the same time that the debates were trending.  I’m secretly hoping the 4 day difference between games affects their play negatively.

Now that the last game of the regular season has been played and all extra scenarios are moot at this point, we can focus on the upcoming Wild Card match ups on Friday[Oct. 5, 2012] with the Orioles vs the Rangers and the Cardinals vs the Braves.  The O’s play at 8:30 pm today while the other game is on at 5:00 pm.

I have been wary of our Orange & Black facing the Rangers for recent years, following the most embarrassing loss ever, but I have some optimism this time around.

The O’s have hit their stride and are doing just enough to keep their play consistent lately while the Rangers seemed to have peaked too early and have several losses lately.  Three of those losses in particular happened against the Athletics, who needed to sweep that series in order to win the division.  Keep in mind that the Rangers had led their division since about April 9th, 2012 and at one point had a 14 game lead on the 2nd place team.

Timing could not have been more perfect for the Orioles to face the Rangers.


To change the subject, the Ravens will face the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at 1:00 pm.  This will be the second week in a row where there should be no worry about the Ravens’ chances BUT never take a team lightly.  Our chances are enhanced by the Ravens’ days off in between games, which almost constitute a bye week.  If you look up our record on games following a bye week, you’ll see that our record is 11-5 and 4-0 under Harbaugh.

My only concern with KC [Kansas City] is that they were the lucky city chosen to receive Google’s new fast internetOur defense has been giving up quite a lot of yards this year and made rookie Weeden look much better than he has been, despite the fact Weeden only hit about 50% of his targets with many dropped balls. 

Now, the Ravens encounter a regressing Matt Cassel who took his team to the playoffs just 2 years ago.  If you recall, the Ravens faced the Chiefs in the playoffs that season and dominated them.

Also, one point to acknowledge that sports media writers have seemed to forget: this coming weekend will be the 5th week of the regular season, which means in 2 weeks for the 7th week, players on the PUP list can be eligible to play.

Now I’m sure you recall Terrell Suggs being on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list as well.  Now there might be concerns on whether he would be ready to return for that game vs Houston, however the week following is the Ravens’ bye week.  So, theoretically, Suggs could be listed as “doubtful” for week 7, spend the 8th week getting closer to 100%, and our defense could return to dominant form for the remaining 9 games of the season.

Think about it: our pass defense has been our weak link so far this year, but that could be due to our best “corner back” and our strong safety being sent on blitzes at an insanely high rate.

Bring back the 2011 defensive player of the year, return the fierce nature of our pass rush with our front seven (d-linemen and linebackers), and then all of our defensive backs can cover more of the playing field and prevent long gains.

That’s what’s been the bane of our defense: blitzing defensive backs more often and giving up long pass receptions because of it.  Thankfully Flacco and the offense have stepped it up this year, having the 4th ranked passing offense, which has kept us in games.

Let us hope for the best, root on the Orioles and Ravens along with the acknowledgement that the color black always goes great with orange and purple.  Should there be a super color that mixes them all together?

Nah, that wouldn’t be right, just as mixing football and baseball into one sport wouldn’t look too attractive.   However, I’m really liking this here: