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Feels like Deja Vu all over again, huh?

For the second week in a row, the Orioles will face off against the Boston Red Sox during the weekend in another severely important series that calls back to last season’s upset of the Red Sox who then missed the playoffs.

Red Sox at Orioles July 20, 2011.

Red Sox at Orioles July 20, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the Orioles have 6 games remaining for the year, culminating on October 3rd against the Tampa Bay Rays, who are also hoping to get into the playoffs.  Our team controls its own destiny now, while remaining 1.5 games behind the Yankees in the AL East and 1 game above the A’s in the wild card race.

Due to new playoff rules this year, the two wild card teams of each conference will face off against each other in 1 game to determine who continues into the postseason, whereby the postseason resumes as normal.   Personally, I really hope that the Orioles win the AL East rather than settle for a wild card.  It’ll lessen our team’s chances of facing the Texas Rangers, who have bested us quite a bit recently.

Fate may in fact be working in our favor as well.  I’ve seen a poll on a certain blog on ESPN that asked which, out of 4 teams (Orioles, Athletics, Rays, Angels), would you like to see in the postseason with the Orioles having 71% of the votes.  That may not translate to actual success but I’ve seen some results that follow after a couple ESPN polls.

My only example I can think of is back in the 2007 NFL season when it was a day or two before the Super Bowl between the Giants and then undefeated Patriots.  A poll that day on ESPN.COM asked voters a question like “who will you root for to win” and over 60% of voters said Giants over the heavily favored “perfect” Patriots (and the rest is history).

The Fans have Spoken

 Aside from baseball, the Ravens are playing tonight against the Browns on Thursday Night Football.  I bet that if you ask any coaches in the league that if you had to play a team Thursday night after playing the previous Sunday night, they would prefer playing the Browns at home.

So this is the best case scenario for the Ravens regarding a Thursday game in that its an opponent who may be considered the worst in the league right now.  Along with the factors of the Browns which include a rookie quarterback (who isn’t throwing anywhere close to Cam Newton rookie numbers) and a rookie running back who’s had injury issues already this young season, and you have a hard time picking against the Ravens in this one.

However, no reason to take this team lightly as this is still a divisional game and such games can always be tough against common opponents.

Thankfully the Ravens game falls in nicely when the Orioles have a day off and the Orioles’ Sunday game will start in the 1:00pm hour when the Ravens normally play. So enjoy this schedule of hometown sports every day.