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Here we go, Sunday’s big game of Ravens vs Patriots is coming soon. The NFL has thankfully given the Ravens another primetime slot, in this case 8:20pm Sunday night, for the 2nd time in the first 3 weeks!

Now, we all remember the heart-breaker last January (no need to go into more detail).  Let’s see if what could be called ‘karma’ can work to our advantage as Baltimore hosts the Patriots this time around.  As well as hoping last week’s 20-18 loss for the Patriots (via a missed last minute field goal) isn’t all the karma they had coming for them.

Let’s see what the Ravens have in store against Tom Brady defensively. While we’ll surely miss Suggs…

Just Fantastic!

…our team has proven in the past multiple times that our defense is highly capable of picking up the slack of an injured star player.  (Think Adalius Thomas, Bart Scott, Jim Leonard).  So don’t think of this as a ‘setback’ but rather an amazing opportunity to have a new defensive player become a star! Also, we have this tidbit to feel confident about: our new defensive coordinator is Dan Pees, who was previously coordinator for these same Patriots. Who knows how to scheme against Brady than the man who had to do so in many practices?

Also on the slate of games for this weekend, we have a three game series that pits the Orioles versus the Red Sox, in quite the role reversal from last year. Now if you recall, last year the Orioles knew they weren’t heading to the playoffs and the Red Sox were clinging to their possibility of a postseason berth.  They had a series that they must win at the end of the year against the Orioles… who upset them and the Red Sox missed the playoffs!

Now, the Red Sox are officially eliminated from playoff contention and the Orioles are closing in on their first postseason since 1997.  With three crucial games this weekend with the final being on Sunday, same as the Ravens-Patriots, can you say Baltimore-Boston beat-down?

This is a great weekend to watch the games as well as a great start to fall with the weather fitting in so perfectly. Enjoy the games and go Baltimore!