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In case you happened to stay up until about 3:55am (or awoke to such a time), then you would have been the lucky few to have seen the Orioles win in 18 innings! Yes, the official game time was 5 hours and 44 minutes, and the official starting time was 10:11pm ET (7:11pm in Seattle). The game was mind blowing in several ways:

  • The O’s used 8 relievers, who combined for 12 2/3 innings, and scoreless mind you!
  • The O’s were scoreless until the 9th inning, when they tied the game off of Seattle’s closer!
  • Considering their scoring, the O’s won a game where it took them an average of 9 innings to score 2 runs, so really they played an extra game.
  • Plus, considering that all Seattle had to do was knock in 1 measly little run in the extra innings, the Orioles played a second full game with Sudden Death consequences. Talk about pressure!

All of the extra innings came two days after Seattle had a joke holiday that involved encouraging tourists to not visit their city. Talk about irony.
Speaking of irony, the winning pitcher Tommy Hunter was given a luck charm as he stepped out to do relief pitching. This was in the form of bird dropping on his hat from a passing “Puget Sound seagull.” The Birds’ got their last bit of luck from a local bird.

So now the game results in the Orioles once again being in 1st place in the AL East. The win pushes their record to 84-64; they are 20 games over .500! It’s September 19th currently, no need to question the validity your calendars, and no it is not 1997 or 1983. Also they currently are well in position for the 2nd Wild Card spot, should they not win the AL East. It seems fate is smiling on the Orioles this year, as the safety back up plan of a 2nd Wild Card spot had just started this current season. Let’s continue to look forward to a Post Season Berth!


The Orioles swept the Mariners last night, going into extra innings again! They currently have a 15 game winning streak for extra inning games.