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A pretty good, toughly fought game.

Baltimore Ravens logo from 1996-1998

Although the end result could have been more desirable, the Ravens still played well against an underrated Eagles team. Now I and maybe plenty of other fans will try to avoid any sports media talk during at least today after that 1 point loss. We will get over this, as there are 14 games left on the schedule and a big game against the Patriots next week.

Some of the decisions made had me scratching my head, such as why the Ravens went away from using the no-huddle that was so effective last week? Rice was having a very easy time running through the Eagles, why didn’t we let him run more near the end when the game was still close? Also, the Eagles got the ball back with 50 seconds left on the game clock and the Ravens still held two timeouts… why didn’t they use them? We would most certainly have gotten the ball back after 4th down and any chance is worth taking.

Either way, this was only 1 loss. Last year the Ravens also routed a divisional opponent in the first week and were upset the following week. If this team continues to follow that same path, the Ravens’ will end up with another 12-4 record, which would be the 3rd such record in a row! So optimism is still up high for the season and there were some people wearing Ravens gear today thankfully despite the loss.

Next up is our game vs the Patriots, who was also upset yesterday by the Cardinals, who are surprisingly 2-0 despite their oft criticized quarterbacks. In more ways than 1, this week’s game vs the Patriots has bigger implications, so let’s not dwell on the past.