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Baltimore Ravens logo

Baltimore Ravens logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, I really enjoyed the Ravens/Bengals game last night. With the final score, the Ravens scored the second most points in the first week of the season. Traditionally our team isn’t known for scoring a lot of points, and scoring 40+ points is generally once a season for our team.

Flacco showed he can indeed play at an elite level when given complete control over the offense. This bodes very well for the rest of our season. He was just one yard shy of 300 yards passing last night, but I’m glad he was taken out with 8 minutes left. Remember, our guys aren’t playing for fantasy football owners, they’re playing for a postseason (and maybe super bowl) berth.

Primary Logo''' 1996–present

Primary Logo”’ 1996–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Next week they are playing at Philadelphia, after the Eagles barely won their game against the Browns. This may not be such a tough game for our Ravens, but they shouldn’t lose focus and take the Eagles lightly. Especially considering the Eagles would want to prove in the next game they’re not as bad as they appeared.

(originally published 09/11/12)