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That’s the number of how many games the Orioles (71-58) have left to win in order to have a winning season.


11, that’s it, out of 33 games remaining in the season. So technically, the O’s could win one out of every 3 games they play that remain and still have their first winning season in 15 years.

(In about a half hour, they have their final game against the White Sox [12:35ET], so it may be 10 remaining by the end of today.)

If you told me this last year, I don’t know if I’d believe you. However I am a believer now and proud of my beloved O’s!

This also points to the kind of magic that Buck Showalter seems to bring to any team he coaches. Now, while his record doesn’t seem too impressive, keep in mind as soon as those teams let him go, they went on and had fantastic seasons.

Look it up, the next season without Showalter, the Yankees started a string of World Series wins. Plus, the Diamondbacks won the World Series 3 years after Showalter left and the Rangers won it last year, 5 years after Showalter.

So, even though the O’s aren’t expected to do much if they in fact go to the playoffs, the future looks very promising whether or not Showalter stays.

Plus the Orioles could still get to 100 wins, they just need to go 29-4 the rest of the way…

Nothing’s impossible.

-CW(originally published 08/30/12)


As of today, 09/17/12, the Orioles are 82-64! Which meant the Orioles had gone 11-4 since they were 71-58. That’s quite impressive given that this is the home stretch towards the end of the season & playoffs. (Two of those losses were just in the last three days to Oakland before the O’s beat them last night)